Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer fun

This summer has been going by so fast! One of the highlights was when RAunt Stacy, RAunt Wendy, Grandma Jan, and my Rousin Alexis were here for the Tulip Time festival. I got to go to the craft fair with everyone. Raunt Wendy took a picture of Mom, Dad and I that I just had to show off in this blog. Other dogs barked at me while we walked around the fair but I didn't mind. I just ignored them. One of the booths had water set out for me. I am not sure how they knew I was coming. We also went for a walk on my favorite trail. Of course, Raunt Wendy took some more pictures and I picked one of my favorites to share with you. I am with my Dad on one of the overlooks, and yes, Alexis helped me put on my Vikings bandana. Go Vikings! One of my favorite places is the beach. Alexis and I played on the beach while we waited for the sun to set over Lake Michigan. I am not sure where the sun goes but it comes back in the morning and then I am happy again. Yup, you guessed it, Raunt Wendy was taking pictures again. I loved this picture of Alexis and I after we ran around on the beach.

This summer I also got to go to Minnesota. Thankfully Mom and Dad didn't give me any of that medicine that makes me feel funny during the drive. We went to Minnesota during the fourth of July to visit with my grandparents and I saw my first fireworks show. That was what Daddy called it anyway. Some of them were really loud and made it difficult to catch some sleep. It was way past my bedtime you know. When we came home we brought my Rousin Alexis back with us. Mom and Dad thought I liked to play but she goes non-stop. It has been a lot of fun playing and wrestling with Alexis. My other Rousin Ceri and her friend Katy visited for a weekend the other week and rumor has it that Grandpa Dale and Tami will be coming next weekend. I can't wait. Last time they were here Grandpa Dale wasn't feeling well and I couldn't jump on him despite my best efforts. I will definately make up for it when they visit this weekend. I can't wait to show off my new bike trailer and bike leash either. I haven't been the biggest fan of the trailer yet but Mom and Dad say that I will get used to it. I will be sad when Grandpa Dale and Tami leave because they will be taking Alexis with them.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am the best!

Doesn't the title say it all!
I've had a great month, which is about how long its been since my last blog.  The best part of the month was going to Minnesota for Christmas.  It was a really long drive so I took a pill Dr. Wilson gave me to calm my nerves.  I really love to go for rides but I wasn't sure about a 9 hour ride since most of my rides are quick trips around town.  I napped most of the way because the pill made me sleepy and I had some great dreams of chasing squirrels on top of the snow piles in my yard.  I woke up in a snow storm during the ride and thankfully my dad has a Jeep.  Did you know it is really cold in Minnesota.  No, I mean really cold.  I loved to go outside while I was there but there were times I thought I was going to lose my tail!  When I stayed with my Mom's family I could run free in the back yard.  I made a race track in the snow and ran really fast.  Whenever I went outside I tried to say "Hi" to all of the neighbors within three blocks.  I am sure they will miss me.  I even got to visit my Dad's family a lot.  I really love all of my Grandparents because they spoil me.  My Auntie Stacy puppysat me quite a bit and she let me do things Mommy and Daddy won't let me do.  After all, I am the best.  I made out like a bandit for christmas.  I got a new bed, lots of treats and some new toys.  I tried to share my toys with the other dogs but I am not sure if they liked me very much.  Otis and I got along after a couple of days but Sophie didn't like me until the last day.  I think she came to like me on the last day because she knew I was leaving.  Oh well, I liked them and I tried really hard to get them to play with me.   I can't wait to go back to Minnesota, but next time I want to go when it is warmer.  That is if it warms up there.  It was really cold.   

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

I have a lot of catching up to do because I have been so busy and I have so much to tell you.  We had company for Thanksgiving and we had a lot of fresh snow.  Grandpa and Tami visited for Thanksgiving and stayed for the long weekend.  I had so much fun with them because they took me outside a lot.  We even celebrated Grandpa's birthday.  I tried to help him blow out the candles but he beat me to them.  I didn't even get to eat any of the cake.  I've heard cake is really yummy.  It sure smelled good.  Unfortunately, Grandpa hurt his ribs coughing and Mom and Dad wouldn't let me jump on him.  One of my favorite things to do is show off my jumping skills.  I can't wait for them to come back so that I can jump all over them.

Did I also mention that we've had a lot of snow lately.  I love to tell Mommy and Daddy that I need to go to the bathroom because then I get to go outside.  Even  though there is a lot of snow, I can find leaves and then play keep away.  Mom likes to throw the leaf on the top of the snow pile and then I jump up there and get it.  Sometimes I just jump from one snow pile to the next.  Dad shoveled a nice fort in the front yard for me to play in.  I didn't make it very easy because I find that the shovel looks very tasty.  I am not sure my Mom and Dad agree.  They seem to get mad when I bite at their shovels.    Dad took a bunch of pictures of me playing outside again so I added them to the slide show.