Saturday, October 25, 2008

Check out my new boots!

Mom and Dad brought me to Chow Hound today and bought me some new boots. I was a little wiery at first but they told me that I will need them for the winter when the ground is really cold, salty and sandy. I like walks so I guess I will have to tolerate them. As you could imagine, Dad had to video tape me in my new boots. Check out the video below to see me showing off my new boots.


ctower said...

Love your new boots Sampson!! Wish I could watch your whole video, but because I only have dial up internet, I can not see it all. :-( Keep practicing in your new boots and you will be a pro by winter. Love, Maxie Tower (aka poo poo)

Molly Syverson said...


This is your cousin Molly writing. My mom & dad (Brooke & Scott) keep threatening to get me boots. My feet get cold in the snow and I stand on three legs holding up my cold feet. I don't really want boots, but they might help. Tell me how you like them.

Scott, Brooke & Alleyne say HI- we LOVE your blog!!! Keep it up!

Colleayn said...

Sampson, You are so cute. I love your new boots and dog purse.