Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tails on Trails '08

Mom and Dad took me to Kirk Park today for an annual fund raising dog walk, "Tails on Trails 08."  The proceeds go to the Harbor Humane Society, which was the shelter that cared for me before I went to my new home.  There were so many dogs there that I greeted with a tail raising sniff.  You should check out the photos that Mom and Dad took.  I put them in their own slide show on the right of my blog.  You can also check out my new backpack that I showed off.  The weather was perfect for the walk and the trails were awesome.  My favorite part was the sand because it made me feel like a puppy again.  I hopped around and showed off my playing skills for everyone.  I am quite certain they were all impressed.  The trail also went through the woods and had many small hills.  After the walk we had some lunch in the shade.
  We sat with a very nice Mom and her eight year old daughter.  They have a cat at home but no dogs right now.  Mom took a picture of them with Dad and I.  Mom told them that I have a blog and they suggested that I write some children's books.  After lunch, we walked around some of the booths and collected some free goodies.  I had a lot of fun because a lot
 of the booths had treats for me.  We also checked out some of the
 contests they were doing for some of the best dressed, best tricks, best kissers, etc.  I tried to show off my new backpack in the best dressed contest but a basset hound with a hat took first place.  I also tried to show off my best tricks.  I thought that I did really well sitting, laying down and shaking but a dog that could roll over took first place.  
I got to visit with a lot of the people from the shelter that helped take care of me.  Mom took a picture of me with Molly.  Molly was one of the nice people that helped care for me at the shelter.

Mom, Dad and I really want to thank everyone that helped sponsor me for the fund raising dog walk.  Using the First Giving web page I set a goal to raise $100, but with your help we shot past that goal and raised $145.  Again, a very special thanks to our family and friends listed below!

Display NameDateAmount Comment
Todd and Ethan9/27/2008$25.00We hope you aren't too pooped by the end. 
Jeff Prescott9/27/2008$25.00Happy Trails! 
Ceri Everett9/27/2008$25.00Have fun walking today! 
Janice DeVries9/27/2008$25.00Hope the trail is not too ruff!!!!! 
Dale&Tami DeVries9/27/2008$25.00Good-Luck guys !!!!!!! 
Carrie Tower9/27/2008$20.00Walk your tails off! 

* Total raised online:$145.00
Amount raised offline:$0.00
Grand Total:$145.00


Gramma Sue ~ Grampa Max said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day for your first 'Tails on Trails' day!! Love your new back pack and can't wait to hear what kind of treats you have stored in there!!! We were thinking about you and can see that you had lots of fun!
Love Gramma & Grampa P.

Colleayn said...

Hi Sampson, You look very nice with your new backpack. What all do you carry in that? What kind of treats did you pack for yourself? Any treats for Mom & Dad in there? I love all your photos and can't wait to see photos with you and your Mommy too. I am glad you had so much fun on your walk and raised money for the shelter. Good job!