Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's Raining

I have been couped up inside the house for a couple of days because it is raining. Whenever I go outside to potty my daddy carries this big plastic thing on a stick and then I don't get very wet. I really love dancing in the rain and I try to escape the big plastic thing. I usually win. It is funny to watch dad try to collect my poop with the big plastic thing in his hand. I stop dancing just to watch and I giggle inside a little. Since we are not going outside much, we play alot inside. I got this new ball the other day that is really big and barely fits in my mouth. It smells and tastes minty, oh what a joy! It is reallly bouncy too. I woke up mom and dad really early this morning just to play tug with my rope ball. It is fun to carry it around in my mouth and swing it around but even more fun to have my mom and dad try to get it away from me. That toy is minty too. I haven't figured out why they keep throwing it once they take it from me. Sometimes I just stand there and look at them wondering why they threw it. It is raining really hard right now, I am going to see if I can get dad to take me out to go potty because I feel like dancing!

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