Sunday, August 17, 2008

I finally get to go home...

Friday, August 15, 2008
Wow, what can I say. I went home with the greatest parents in the world today. They came and picked me up at the Harbor Humane Society in West Olive, MI, where I was dropped off on July 25 because I was stray. My new parents started visiting me on August 9 and they met with me everyday. We would meet in the waiting room and they would sit on the floor with me and play with a ball with me. It was hard to watch them leave each day but I new I would be going home with them and that excited me. They picked me up in a really nice Jeep on August 15. I was so happy because I really like Jeeps, just like my new daddy. Mom and Dad said that I was really good in the Jeep on the way home. I stayed in the back and sat on my blanket. I tried to get in the back seat a couple of times because I wanted to sit next to my Dad but he wouldn't let me. I just looked out the window and watched other cars go by. When we got home my Dad walked me around the house on my leash. I sniffed everything and even went potty so that other dogs would know that this was my home. When we went inside my Dad kept me on my leash and he let me go all over the house. I sniffed the entire house and got to know my new home. My Dad took me outside a lot after I got home and we even went for a walk. It had been awhile since I had been for a walk so it was really fun. I pulled my Dad while we walked and he told me we were going to work on that. I was just so excited to be on a walk and I was having fun. When we were inside, we saw a big dog come to the house. He was just outside the front windows. I like to go to the front windows because they are low enough that I can see out them while I stand or sit by them. After a lot of sniffing the other dog went away. I took a few naps the first day at my new home. I was really excited though and I didn't lay down right away. During one of my naps I woke up startled and barked a little. Mom and Dad told me to stop barking so I did. I was in a really good dream chasing squirrels and rabbits and I just about got them. That night, bedtime was interesting. Mom and Dad were laying in bed and I tried to get up there with them. Dad wouldn't let me on the bed though and for a minute I thought we were playing. I had to sleep on the floor because I am not familiar with my new bed. I only woke up once in my sleep and my Dad took me outside.

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tonja said...

He looks like he could eat me. I am a jack and he looks like a man killer. Ha Ha