Sunday, August 17, 2008

My first full day at my new home...

Saturday, August 16, 2008
I woke up in my new home after a good nights sleep. I woke up before Mom and Dad so I layed down quietly and waited for them to wake up. When they woke up, my Dad took me outside on my leash. I walked to the basketball hoop at the end of our driveway and pulled my Dad with me. I even got to see some of the neighbors that live on my street. My Dad said that I was a good boy because I didn't bark at any of them. My Dad played ball with me in the house and we even played tug with my new Jeep rope. I had a lot of fun but I couldn't play too hard since I had surgery the other day. I don't remember the surgery but I quickly learned that I lost my beans. Thank goodness my frank is still there though. Today was a really fun day. Besides going for a couple of walks, I also got to go for a ride. My Mom had to go to the Post Office and mail something. My Dad stayed in the Jeep with me and he told me I was really good because I didn't bark at anyone. After we left the Post Office we went to a store. I met a really cute black lab named Brooke and we hung out and played a little. I got to walk through the whole store and everything. I also met some nice people that told me I was beautiful. One lady even told me that it looked like an artist painted me because I was so perfect. Everyone I met was confused about my breed. They kept asking what kind of dog I was. My Mom and Dad were very kind and explained that I am a mixed breed with German Shepard, Husky, Beagle and who knows what else. After we got home from the store my Dad brushed me with a really neat comb. He put my loose hairs in a bag and praised me for being good. When we came inside I even got to snack on a green dental bone. It made my breathe minty fresh. I am really liking it here at my new home. I get to take lots of naps, go for lots of walks and get to play with my Mom and Dad. Oh and did I mention, my Dad follows me around with his camera and takes lots of pictures. I still don't know why but what ever floats his boat is fine with me. Oh, I should mention that I met some Pomeranions today. They were cute little dogs and I really enjoyed meeting them. My Dad seemed hesitant to let me meet them but after I barked a couple of times he walked me down to them. They were on their own walk and were passing our driveway when I met them. One of them was pregnant and was a little snippy. I let her snip at me and I was careful not to upset her. After they left I went back into the house and played with my Daddy. When I went to bed I tried to play my favorite game of trying to get on the bed. It didn't go so well my first night so I figured I would try again tonight. It was fun watching Mom and Dad follow me around the bed and tell me to get down and I even barked a couple of times to let them know how much fun I was having. Eventually, I stopped and layed down on the floor. Mom and Dad told me that I was good for laying down. Maybe tomorrow night will be more succesful!

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Auntie Wendy said...

Good boy Sampson, good boy! Sounds like your parents are wonderful. Hope your incision feels better today. And most of all, I want to know how you managed to get up on mom and dad's bed after they told me you have your own bed? See, I knew what them big eyes could do. You sneaky little dog you! Looks like you're in charge for now, but I don't think it will last. Be a good dog and remember to drop your treats when they so, OK? Hope you have a great day tomorrow. Auntie Wendy